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Preparation and Recommended Consumption of One Opti Juice

We all now know and heard hundreds of testimonies from people who have experienced the potent healing properties of One Opti Juice.

However, there are also other people who have claimed that it didn't have any effect on them. Upon gathering information and interviewing some people, both from those who have been cured of their illnesses and those who were not, it was determined that those who achieved great results followed the correct measure or amount of consumption depending on their type of disease compared to those who claim they did not benefit at all.

Everyone must understand that One Opti Juice is NOT a medicine like others thought and that the management has not made any such claims ever before. In fact, in spite of hundreds of testimonies, One Opti still asserts no approved therapeutic claims and that the reported results are only based on true testimonies from individuals who experienced and reported the effects of the product to their own health upon presentation of their own medical examination results before and after drinking One Opti Juice, these proofs were voluntarily provided and presented by consumers publicly and not from any manners of solicitation.

It is important that members of the company and consumers alike are aware and knowledgeable of the correct preparation and consumption of the product in order to deliver absolute results. We have put together these guidelines to help everyone follow proper steps and intake in order to maximize the product's potential to live up to its promises.


A bottle of One Opti Juice contains 30 grams of powdered extracts from its 15 herbal ingredients. This powder is highly concentrated so you have to make sure that it is dissolved properly which will allow maximized infusion of all its minerals with the water on a molecular level.

  • STEP 1 - Fill the bottle with distilled water until half full.
  • STEP 2 - Shake well in a circular motion to avoid creating air bubbles that lessen the consistency of water.
  • STEP 3 - When the powder is completely dissolved, fill again with distilled water up to the bottle's neck.
  • STEP 4 - Shake gently by tilting the bottle left and right repeatedly. Again, avoid making air bubbles.
  • STEP 5 - Leave the bottle in a cool place or at room temperature and let it sit for a good 10 to 15 minutes before consuming. This will allow the minerals to infuse and bind effectively with the water. In case you haven't noticed, this is the reason why One Opti Juice tastes more delicious when left for a while.


Intake of One Opti Juice varies depending on the health condition of the person. One Opti Juice acts as an antioxidant, antivirus, antibacterial, cell repair agent, immune booster, and many more. So it is important that you know how to use it to your customer's advantage especially those who are suffering from serious diseases.

Follow this guideline and you are guaranteed to see remarkable results in as short as two days. Remember that this is only a set of recommendations and is not the standard as there is none. One Opti Juice is all organic and therefore has no risks of an overdose at all.

Serious Illnesses

If your patient is suffering from a serious illness like diabetes, cancer, hepatitis, tuberculosis, leukemia, and other dreadful diseases, this means their immune system is under severe attack and their cells are degenerating. In order to fight these diseases effectively, it is also needed that you induce them with a high level of antibodies and nutrients from One Opti Juice. Here are the suggested amount of intake for these kinds of conditions.

  • 1 Bottle per day
    • It is not recommended to drink 1 bottle at once. Like any other food that you take excessively, your body will not consume all of it and those excesses will only be excreted from the body as wastes. This means, you are wasting the full potential of the product and not all minerals or nutrients will be used by your own body.
    • The best recommendation is to dink One Opti Juice, 2 to 3 times a day, partitioning the content of one bottle into two or three parts. For example, half a bottle in the morning and half a bottle in the evening at least 30 minutes before each meal.
    • The best-recommended intake is 3 times a day using a jigger, take 2 jiggers at least 30 minutes before meal as illustrated below. This ensures your body is consuming all nutrients and minerals from one bottle, therefore, benefiting from its full potential.
    • Follow these recommendations on schedule until the condition is regulated or until the next medical examination shows improvement then you can reduce the intake gradually as detailed in the next recommendations below.

Common Illnesses

To help with fast recovery if the patient has a fever, cold, ordinary cough, hyperacidity, headache, or any type of common sickness, the best recommendation is at least 1 full jigger twice a day. This will allow a sufficient supply of nutrients that your body needs while recovering, enough to detoxify, kill viruses and bacteria, and flush out free radicals and toxins that cause diseases.

Daily Intake for Maintaining Strong Immune System

Lastly, if you are currently healthy and without sickness, you can always be sure to safeguard your health by maintaining a strong immune system. Half a jigger of One Opti Juice once or twice a day provides more than enough amount of antioxidants that strengthen your immune defense and maintain healthy cells and body.

Kids and Infants

One Opti Juice is safe for kids and babies. This product is consists of all-natural herbal ingredients and does not include any chemical compounds that may be harmful to children. Similar to what is mentioned above, intake depends on health conditions only lesser than the recommended consumption for adults.

Fact is, one bottle of One Opti Juice contains 648,000 units of ORAC Value, which means half a jigger contains 92,571 units. ORAC Value determines the level of antioxidants present in food that protect us from sickness. A human body only requires 3,000-5,000 units to have just the right amount of protection. Imagine, half a jigger of One Opti Juice contains 95,571 units, which is 20 times stronger than what the human body needs daily.

We hope that this guideline is helpful. If you have questions or suggestions, please reach out through our contact details below.

One Opti Juice is made of not just one but a mix of 15 all-organic herbs gathered from around the world making it the most powerful antioxidant that cleanses your body from harmful free radicals that cause cancers, tumors, diabetes, pneumonia, and many other dreadful diseases. The synergistic combination of these super herbs gives One Opti Juice ultra healing properties that help repair and regenerate damaged cells, kills bacteria and viruses, and flush out toxins to revitalize your body.

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One Opti asserts no approved therapeutic claims and the results are only based on true testimonies from individuals who experienced and reported the effects of the product to their own health. DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

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