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One Opti Lifestyle International has been featured on Net25's morning program, Kada Umaga, on Wednesday, Sept 28, 2022. At the helm was MD Gab Castillo, our Marketing Director, who took our brand to new heights as he impressively delivered our products to a larger audience as featured on the segment Kita Mo 'Yon. Let's watch the whole segment here and learn more tidbits of information about our cherished company from the man himself as he shares his achievements throughout his journey with One Opti. Thank you MD Gab for sharing your success and bringing out the many benefits of One Opti products and membership to even more people as the best choice for either personal wellness or opportune business. Massive thanks, most importantly, to our Chairman, Marwin Barro, for opening up this opportunity in amplifying our reach for greater public awareness that empowers the membership to explore a wider and broader market base. Onwards and upwards, Optimians! ***** Video Credit: NET2

Diabetes with Severe Necrosis: Nalunasan sa Tulong ng One Opti Juice at Miracle Oil

(WARNING: Graphic Content)
Case: Diabetes with Severe Necrosis
Products Used: One Opti Juice and Miracle Oil

This is Josie of Antipolo, Rizal, who suffers from diabetes that resulted to severe necrosis or lack of blood supply in some parts of the body especially the extremities further resulting to infection due to skin abrasions.

After only 5 days of taking One Opti Juice and regular application of Miracle Oil, her blood circulation improved, glucose is almost within the regulated level, and her wounds have healed in a short period of time.

This is the power of detoxification where your body is cleansed from toxins that cause these kinds of diseases. Only one herbal product can do this, only One Opti Juice.

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